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From Outside to Inside: Finishing your work in the Studio

Image of From Outside to Inside: Finishing your work in the Studio


April 17 – April 19, 2023 9a.m. – 4p.m.

The vast majority of landscape painting classes today focus on what’s in the name: painting outside in nature, to try to get all the scale, drawing, effects and delights of the outdoors on canvas in just a few hours. Yet, if you ask most artists who makes a living selling landscapes, they will tell you that the majority of the work happens indoors.

Historically, painting in the field is where concepts become crystalline, but major works that are remembered from historic artists careers were often clearly painted in the studio – whether only touched up indoors, or completely painted from scratch. Clearly, this is an important part of the process that few classes today discuss. Frankly, most people learning to paint outside are just scrambling to get everything down. It just takes so long to learn to reproduce aspects of nature faithfully that many don’t have time at all to study the myriad options of what you might do with a painting once it’s inside.

During the demonstration portion, we will be showing where and how a photograph might be useful - or not useful at all. For those interested, we can paint a study outdoors. Expect compositional studies, and a couple of glazing and scumbling ‘finishing’ demonstrations.

Member - $400
Non-Member - $440