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Painting the Colors of Autumn

Image of Painting the Colors of Autumn


3-Day Workshop with Andrew Orr

Andrew Orr invites you to a three day workshop, to focus on the principles in capturing the late autumnal landscape in its many facets. Attendees will learn how to effectively achieve the subtleties of color in what is considered the most brilliantly colorful time of year in Vermont. In addition, participants will be shown the diverse textures, so prevalent in the autumn landscape. These two basic elements will be used effectively to create paintings that are more life-like, telling a more complete story of the autumnal landscape. The workshop will utilize both plein air studies (weather permitting) as well as some studio time. Topics covered over the three days will include color mixing for more life-like autumn colors, techniques of painting bare trees, techniques of painting trees, and affective uses of light and shadow to create more drama in a painting.

Attendees are able to grow and develop at a rate that is to their comfort. Demos and individual discussions, instruction and critique will help each participant to begin to reach the preliminary goals they are striving to meet. This workshop is open to all wishing to attend whether you are new to plein air or experienced. Andrew’s style of painting is highly representational with a focus on contemporary realism; all styles of painting are welcome to join the fun and learning of this most magical time of year. Brown bag lunch is the best way to keep the momentum and flow going over the 3 days of the workshop.