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Painting With Eric

Image of Painting With Eric


Master Vermont landscape painter Eric Tobin presents a three day workshop in September. Attendees will be treated to two plein air painting sessions per day, and include demonstrations, critiques, and discussions. The painting locations will be selected by Tobin, with each day consisting of a new location, and will include a morning session and an afternoon session at each place. Tobin will paint alongside the participants, offering commentary during each session.

Scheduled in anticipation of the abundance and bounty of the fall season, Tobin will focus the workshop’s attention the subtleties and nuance of the true Vermont autumnal experience.

This workshop is open to all wishing to attend, no matter what stage of their development. Tobin’s expertise is in the field of painting with oils, though artists in any medium are welcome to join. Participants should expect to start at least three paintings during the three day workshop.