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Searching For The light

Image of Searching For The light


Mary S. Martin, Instructor
Saturday, February 23, 2019
10 AM – 4 PM

Award winning painter Mary Martin leads a workshop about light, and how she’s found it in her travels in Brittany, Italy and England, as well as home in Durham, Quebec, and on frequent visits to Vermont. Martin, who exhibits in both oil and watercolor, has designed her workshop to enhance the experience of painting while traveling and after one returns, searching for the light in a painting no matter the location.

She will begin with a presentation of her sketch books, painting travel kit and paintings from her recent trips, followed by a demonstration of blocking in a painting in oil. From there she will turn the process over to the participants who are encouraged to bring their own resource materials - sketches, unfinished paintings and when necessary, photographs.

After an afternoon of painting, with individual attention paid to each of the participants, Martin will give a group critique and discussion about finding light in places that are new to us as well as working under unfamiliar circumstances.