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Studio Preparation for Successful Plein Air Painting

Image of Studio Preparation for Successful Plein Air Painting


Andrew Orr, Instructor
Two day workshop, Saturday and Sunday, March 2 and 3, 9:30 – 4 PM

While the excitement of working on location can fuel the artist, some studio preparations beforehand can help the individual to have a more enjoyable time out of doors. This workshop will focus on studio preparations that will help the landscape painter to lessen some of the challenges out of working directly on site. There will always be a few challenges when working outside; the weather, bugs, heat, changing light to name a few. We cannot do too much about that! However, planning ahead will allow us to spend more time focusing on the beauty of what is before us and thoughtfully replicate that beauty without getting bogged down in all of the extraneous distractiions, which can take our attention and focus away.

In this workshop several ideas will be discussed:

KISS (Keep it Simple Silly) Our plein air equipment, keeping it light
What do I want to paint?
Am I using the right support on which to paint?
Color choices, working with a limited palette
Where do I want to paint and when? What about a cloudy day?
Can a plein air painter use a photograph?
Visiting the scene, multiple times for the best result
What about that sky?
Sunrise, sunset

In addition to discussions, there will be some demonstrations as well as some hands on painting time. For the hands on work, we will be preparing a few studio panels with sky and sunset colors which can be later used out of doors. Additionally, we will discuss some of the concepts around painting sunsets and how best to prepare to capture this fleeting time of day.
Instruction will be geared for both emerging and established artists in oil painting. Artists with some experience will benefit greatly from the level of the instruction. A list of recommended supplies will be furnished upon registration.